“Respect for the artisan and the customer…”

Rangsutra is a company of the people, for the people, by the people.

Artisans – the Owners

Rangsutra was created to ensure regular work and market access to artisans. Artisans are co owners and shareholders in the enterprise. They are part of board of directors and have a say in costing, planning, production and wages.

The framed company share certificate prominently displayed on the wall of an artisan’s hut in rural Rajasthan signifies a small but important transformation in many lives. For over 3000 weavers, embroiderers and artisans who have formed the company, the shares are much more than just scraps of paper. Shares are their new savings, as valuable as the chunky silver they have invested in for centuries.

Women – the Change Agents

70% of Rangsutra’s artisan owner-workers are women. The work and money they earn through this work have given these women more say at home. These women now want to send their daughters to school and some have become group leaders in their villages, motivating other women to follow in their footsteps.

Women artisans ensure the continuity of their traditional craft heritage by producing beautiful pieces, incorporating embroideries like Sindhi kadai — pukka and soof. The traditional embroidery used for making personal trousseaus is now market linked and kept alive.