We are a company owned by a community of over two thousand artisans across rural India.

Our Values

We act as a bridge between rural artisans and global consumers in order to develop sustainable livelihoods and revive India’s rich craft heritage. We believe that our communities of artisans, particularly women, deserve economic opportunities, and we aim to keep alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing urban market.

Our Commitment
to Fair Trade

To us, fair trade means respecting both the producer and consumer. Each garment we produce follows a process that allows our artisans to thrive in and beyond their working environment.

Equal pay

Fair wages

Safe working environment

Skills training

Meet Our Artisans

The RangSutra center is like my home. We come from different ethnic groups, but we work together and support each other. If a community like this were to spearhead society, it could be radically different in a better way.


Artisan from Churachandpur, Manipur

Our artisan cluster is like a flowing river. I learn from elders and guide the younger ones; that’s why we never stagnate.


Artisan from Bikaner, Rajasthan


artisan shareholders


shareholders attend RangSutra’s Annual General Meeting


We’ve built our houses, educated our kids, and built the spirit to live and command respect. We’re an oasis of empowered women in this gigantic desert.

Dhinya Bai

Artisan from Bikaner, Rajasthan


of our artisans are women


The opportunities we provide women to improve their craft, supplement their incomes, and participate actively in RangSutra’s supply chain help them gain the confidence to take ownership of their work and lives.


Average wage as compared to Rs.1,000/mo for irregular work

Each of our pieces is handcrafted using techniques rooted in a long tradition of Indian craftsmanship.

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