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Sister From Bikaner- Taggu Devi

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on
Sister From Bikaner- Taggu Devi

There is a strong communal link between artisans of Bikaner and Barmer. Due to inter marriage amongst families of both the places, there is a continuity of crafts and culture. Taggu ji is a product of this custom. Daughter of one of Rangsutra’s first shareholder Badli Bai and sister of Craft Manager
Chima Ram ji, Taggu started working as an artisan from an early age and was determined to open her own center in Barmer.

Overcoming pressures from local traders, she made her own group, mobilised the women to join her center. Being a master artisan, she is adept at sampling, grasps the quality and design requirements fast. In just 6 months, she graduated from handling only 1 craft centre of 24 women to training a batch of 50 women at a time helping Rangsutra in our skill development program in Barmer. She has trained 80 women till now. This has improved not only her earning, but also boosted her confidence.

Despite being illiterate, she managed to train over 80 women and maintain attendance, stock and payment records herself. She is now the breadwinner of her house and takes care of all household expenses and pays the education fee for her children

Taggu Devi defines the true meaning of freedom, courage and independence for us and has been a source of inspiration and empowerment for many.

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