Our Clusters

At RangSutra, we prioritise cluster development as a vital process that acts as the metaphorical root of a tree.
Activities associated with our clusters include end-to-end exercises that enrich rural artisan communities: from skills assessment & upgradation workshops to what some call the ‘Achilles Heel’ of livelihoods: market linkage.

Collaborations with local communities

An important aspect of Cluster Development is the establishment of Quality Control: access to superior materials, equipment, and working capital such that producer collectives maintain a standardized approach while working on orders from buyers.

This pedagogy, inclusive of product development and operations management, is what helps level the playing field for rural artisan communities, most of whom lack access to formal education or vocational training.

Noorbagh, Kashmir

Noor Bagh or the Garden of Light is part of the Downtown area of Srinagar.

RangSutra began working in Noorbagh since August 2018 with the goal of creating and incubating a sustainable crafts enterprise that could rehabilitate families affected by the floods of 2014.

The Jammu Tawi Flood Recovery Project supported by the World Bank has provided much needed opportunity for the Noorbagh community to get organized, overcome challenges, build resilience and start crafting a new life. Through the various interactive workshops to hone existing craft skills, learn new ones, develop creative skills, the initiative is gradually taking the shape of an organization.


600 artisans, mostly women and a few men, have participated in the cluster development activities. Over 300 artisans have been closely involved in workshops of different kinds, and the remaining are waiting for the lockdown to end before getting more involved and active in the budding organization.

Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Hardoi is a district in UP which specialises in the craft of Chikankari.

A lot of Chikankari work from Lucknow is outsourced to the women in Hardoi. Due to low wages paid by traders and middlemen, the quality of work however, was very poor. Our first task was to get women to skill upgradation workshops, and once they were given training and the opportunity to earn a decent wage for their work, the quality improved remarkably.

With regular work and income, the women were motivated to open bank accounts and come to village centres in Ritthwa, Salempur and Akbarpur Talu, to learn, embroider and earn. These women are now integrated into the Samuday Seva Shakti Samiti, started by the HCL Foundation.


Rangsutra worked closely with HCL Foundation in the year 2019-2020, to mobilise, train, skill and empower 200 women from 12 villages of Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh in the art of Chikankari embroidery. Rangsutra continues to work with Samuday, designing new products and placing orders for Chikankari embroidery with 2 main objectives:

1) To ensure work and employment for the 200 women we have formed a bond with.
2) To continue to delight our customers with beautiful Chikankari offerings for themselves and their homes.