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Meet Taggu

Taggu has been working with Rangsutra for over 4 years as Craft Manager at the Indra Nagar Centre, Barmer. She is an expert applique artisan. In the blistering heat of Barmer, Taggu sits comfortably in front  of an air cooler at the centre and works methodically on her next creation.

Different Stitches

Kanada: A variation of the Herringbone stitch 

Bachda: Cross stitch

Dantiya: Feather stitch

Choon: Small decorative triangles

Desert Embroideries

The starkness of the desert of Rajasthan is balanced by the brilliant colours used in the embroideries like Soof, Pukka, Kharek and Sindhi. Traditionally used to create a wedding trousseau, these embroideries were first used in India by the Meghawaad community who migrated from Sindh, Pakistan during the 1971 war. Soof is a fine, delicate embroidery with geometrical motifs. Pucca embroidery uses elongated square chain and double button hole and satin stitches. Kharek, as the name suggests, is reminiscent of the textural quality of the date tree and is a geometric style of needlework created by counting the structural makeup of the fabric. The Sindhi embroidery is the interlacing stitch worked over a laid foundation of threads. Rangsutra artisans practicing desert embroideries are settled in Bikaner and Barmer districts of Western Rajasthan.