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Rangsutra by the Numbers

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on
Rangsutra by the Numbers
Our journey began when 1,000 artisans put in 1,000 rupees each to form Rangsutra with a starting capital of Rs. 10 Lakhs. Today, more than 2,000 artisans are shareholders in our company and have shown utmost faith and commitment to our venture! As shareholders, they have a strong sense of ownership and pride in our work and are dedicated investors wanting to see Rangsutra thrive.
To us, inclusive growth means opening up opportunities for women to work and also building their confidence and capacity at home and in their communities. 
With Rangsutra, women in these communities earn more than Rs. 5000 per month. Before joining Rangsutra, these women earned Rs. 500-1,000 for irregular work. The work and income have empowered our women artisans at home; a majority of our artisans’ daughters are first-generation students!
We don’t see our artisans simply as suppliers. We see them as individuals with enormous potential to not only execute their craft but also to take leadership and manage the production process.
We train artisans in management, finances, and quality assurance to make sure each one has the opportunity to learn and grow.
Our artisans actively participate in decision-making processes at Rangsutra, and we encourage each of them to become a core part of our journey. Half of our board members are artisans, and around 500 artisans from all over the country show up to participate in our Annual General Meetings!

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