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Empowering Weavers: Revival of Handloom Artisans with rangSutra (By Sumita Ghose)

Posted by Shrimayee Dutta on

RangSutra’s community of handloom weavers across western Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir and Haryana have been able to revive and hone their craft thanks mainly to our partnership with IKEA – who have shown confidence in...

Celebrating a Decade of Partnership with IKEA- Co-creating Change

Posted by Shrimayee Dutta on

This year we celebrate 10 years of partnership with IKEA - a significant milestone in Rangsutra’s journey.. towards social change and economic progress. We cherish the partnership, it has helped us grow, and played a...

Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Posted by Shrimayee Dutta on

Rangsutra Crafts is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact. The company has a number of initiatives in place, including using more sustainable materials, installing solar panels, and recycling water.

The company's recent impact assessment found that the biggest source of its emissions are its raw materials. To address this, Rangsutra Crafts is working to use more sustainable cotton and recycled yarn. The company is also installing solar panels across centers and using more efficient machinery to treat and recycle water. Another initiative is the #ZeroWaste range of products by the company which are made using leftover fabric.

Come and be a part of this journey towards a sustainable future!


Being the change you want to see in the world

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on
This Gandhi Jayanti, Sumita Ghose, Rangsutra's founder, shares how the philosophy of Gandhi has inspired the organisation over the years.

Weaving A Common Future- By Sumita Ghose

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on

Rangsutra’s experience of the past 16 years despite ups and downs, shows that handloom weaving can be a source of regular well paid employment and livelihood for rural Indiansin the 21st century. The creation of...

Making of a Social Business (By Sumita Ghose)

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"The idea of rangSutra came to me while on a sabbatical in 2002. Writing a paper on the kind of organizations that were needed in...

"Hum bhi kaam shikhna chahte hai." : New tracing artisans at work (By Sriparna Ganguly)

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on

Sanju (age 27), Rubia (age 28), Maina (age 26) and Jaiambe (age 26) are our four new tracing artisans at the Rangsutra Ridmalsar centre in Bikaner. Early March this year, the four friends walked into...

'The Gang of 5' :The Five Sisters of Barmer (By Sriparna Ganguly)

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on

They could be known as 'The Gang of 5’: the five sisters of Barmer.   Confident, hardworking, determined, energetic and enterprising. Meena, Nabhu, Moru, Havita and Suki are like any other millennials in India. They dream...

Initiating a Bamboo Cluster in Rakua GP in Jharkhand (By Sriparna Ganguly)

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on

As we drove out of our hotel in Ranchi towards Ramgarh, and then onward to Gola and Rakua Gram Panchayat, we could see large clusters of Bamboo growing on either side of NH320. Bamboo forests...

Development of our cluster in Rajasar, Rajasthan

Posted by Shrimayee Dutta on

The deserts of Rajasthan have been home to the nomadic pastoralist community that engages in sheep breeding, washing and spinning of wool from Chokla sheep. Traditionally, hundreds of nomadic families of the arid Bikaner region...