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Patch Work: Building it Slowly

Posted by RangSutra Crafts on
Patch Work: Building it Slowly

An applique artisan with one of our oldest NGO supplier Roshni Sansthan, Barmer, Tulsi ji’s craft centre is a place which fills your heart with joy. She ensures that the women artisan’s at her center always enjoy the work and have a smile on their faces.

Tulsi Ji started her journey twenty years ago as a carpet weaver along with her husband. Due to the decline in the carpet weaving industry, she and her husband lost their jobs and were forced to look for other means of livelihood. Her husband became a construction worker while she took up small weaving jobs from local traders and middlemen.

In the process, she met women from her region and formed a group with them to take up more work. They worked for hours in a day but received very meagre wages from the traders and middlemen.

In 2011,Tulsi Ji, along with 30 other the women from her region, formed a centre that was supported by Roshni Sansthan and Rangsutra and has been a significant part of the RCIL journey for the last 8 years. The centre continues to grow and prosper and is now managed by Mamta, Tulsi Ji’s daughter. Together they earn more than INR 80,000 ($ 1,121.81) in 3 months in 2018.

“Whatever I earned in this duration, I have used in renovating our house (and center), and arrange for my daughter Mamta’s wedding.” says a beaming Tulsi Ji, on announcing the news of her daughter’s marriage.

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