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"Hum bhi kaam shikhna chahte hai." : New tracing artisans at work (By Sriparna Ganguly)

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"Hum bhi kaam shikhna chahte hai." : New tracing artisans at work (By Sriparna Ganguly)
Sanju (age 27), Rubia (age 28), Maina (age 26) and Jaiambe (age 26) are our four new tracing artisans at the Rangsutra Ridmalsar centre in Bikaner. Early March this year, the four friends walked into the centre one day with the request for training so that they could secure work at Rangsutra. “Hum bhi kaam sikhna chahte hain, hum bhi aapke saath kaam karna chahte hai aur aapke saath judna chahte hai’. ‘We too want to learn. We want to work with you’. Having seen hundreds of women artisans go in and out of the Rangsutra gates over the years, the local women knew about the Rangsutra centre which works closely with women artisans - training them, upgrading their skills, and providing them with regular work and at the same time providing a safe working environment in their centre.

 Sanju, Rubia, Maina and Jaiambe are enthusiastic,  passionate and professional about their work. I met them at a recent visit to the Ridmalsar centre. They   seemed joyful, working   together, helping each   other and just loving the   office  experience. Together they were pouring over the   fabric provided to them for   tracing, exploring ways to   do the job perfectly. When I asked them how they were so confident, they said, ‘we were trained by Rangsutra in April 2022. We were trained to adjust the tracing sheets according to the garment size, understand the design of the motifs, motif placements on the garments and learn what tracing quality is all about. We were also trained in free hand motif drawing with a pen’.

tracing work by Rangsutra artisans at Bikaner, Rajasthan.     

artisans of Rangsutra

Veena Soni, Operations Manager for New Business, who trained them feels elated. ‘The women wanted to learn and were very quick to pick up the skills. They wanted to work and earn for themselves. The most satisfying part of my work as a trainer is that I can help them to earn for themselves. With their new skill sets and Rangsutra providing them with regular work, the sky is the limit for these four women artisans’.
When I asked them what will they do with the money that they earn for themselves all four were unanimous in their reply that their income will supplement the family income which has taken a hit with the two years of the pandemic. But Rubia added, ‘the income is great, but we feel very happy and purposeful when we come to the centre together and work for 6-8 hours’.
Rangsutra’s mantra has always been the economic development of the craftspeople.

At Rangsutra, we strive to measure the company’s growth by the number of artisans we work with.

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